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Carinthia: Villach - Gerlitzer Alpenstrasse - Strassburg - Gmünd - Millstadt

Route 9 from Lannoo's motor book. If you are in Carinthia, you have already conquered the Northern Alps. The Hohe Tauern and the Niedere Tauern form the separation in weather, the enormous cloud formations from which often rain falls do not usually pass beyond the northern flanks of those mountain ranges. That means you have stable weather here. The southernmost state of Austria is in any case the place where the sun shines most often. And there is not a single motorcyclist sorry for that. Also nature is wonderful. Wherever you look, you are always surrounded by picturesque and impressive landscapes that seem to come straight out of a photo book. Pointed peaks rise above round mountain crests, which you can sometimes climb on downright exemplary mountain roads. Green valleys and meadows also shine in the sunlight, and crystal clear rivers wind through the region. Another top attraction is of course the lakes, which you will find in abundance here. This also includes inviting boulevards along the water, which offer beautiful views and numerous swimming options. So don't forget to bring your swimsuit. But perhaps the greatest asset of Carinthia is that the people here clearly have a heart for motorcycles. Many other regions seem to be doing everything they can to ruin our driving pleasure by blocking roads and imposing all kinds of punitive measures, but in Carinthia even the people of the tourist office take up motorcyclists - many others can do the service they provide take an example.

Tour duration: because of the many cultural attractions and beautiful landscapes, you should spend at least two to three days. Features: This tour through Central Carinthia is easy in itself and despite the high mountain runs, novice mountain riders will have no problem with it. The tour mainly follows secondary roads that are sometimes very narrow. Especially in the spring you should pay close attention to the road surface. The frost can damage the road surface and if a lot of traffic passes over it, gravel and dirt can make the road dangerous.

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Johan Starrenburg / AH
Rijden 529.3km (19📍) 11:22 🇦🇹 KML, GPX