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Roundtrip from Bristol via West Bay and Lyme Regis

A lovely route from Bristol, through the Somerset and Dorset borders before returning back to the start point in Bristol. The route passes a few sites that you may have on a to visit list or may even be a regular haunt of yours, but none the less, it’s a lovely route to the Dorset coast. Along with the points of interest locations that have been tagged along the route, while venturing to the coast I hope you enjoy great scenery on some lovely roads. While this route is mostly on the main β€œA” roads, there are a few β€œB” roads brought in for added enjoyment. A lovely ride with the changing scenery as you progress, manageable roads for any level of rider and sights you may have missed on other rides. (the ride is β€œL” Plate friendly, but it will be a long day for you).

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Ian Street / AH
Rijden 250.8km (27πŸ“) 8:00 🇬🇧 KML, GPX