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From Funchal to Seixal and Porto Moniz (3/5)

A lot of the inland mountain roads can be very very twisty and quite steep with sheer drop offs. Coaches can often be found in the mountains during the peak season so beware. Caution is advised when you're in the mountains and I would suggest only competent riders use this route. There are tunnels used on this route and some of the tunnels on the north coast have a tunnel bypass road under the cliffs. They all have warnings of the danger of falling rocks. I would think seriously about this warning, the cliffs are very high and even a small stone falling 300 m could be harmful.

This route and 4 other routes will form a collection of 5 round trip routes all starting from the Hotel Dorisol Florasol in the capital city of Funchal.

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Nick Carthew / AH
Rijden 171.4km (31📍) 4:18 🇵🇹 GPX, KML

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