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Route bibliotheek
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Credits vereist


Sonderby - Fynshav - Boyden - Nyborg - Nymark - MonsKlint - Askeby

This route was part of our Denmark and Germany road-trip in 2018. The roads in Denmark are very good but speed-limits are very low, so take you time and plan ahead. The country side is beautiful and especially driving along the coast is great. Motorcyclist are welcome at camp sites. On this part of the trip we also took the ferry from Fynshav to Boyden which was a nice break. From Nyborg to Nymark you have to take the bridge (toll), this is a highway but the view is spectacular. We also visited the Mons Klint visitor center. These are the white cliffs of Denmark. You'll have to hike for approx. 20 minutes but the view is worthwhile.

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René Plücken / AH
Rijden 296.7km (21📍) 9:08 🇩🇰 KML, GPX