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Middlesbrough to Dundee (3/10)

The 3rd route of: The Ultimate 10 Day (North) UK Tour. A journey through the beautiful countryside and coast of east England and up into Scotland. Including the Tees Transporter Bridge, The Angel of the North, the spiritual Holy Island of Lindisfarne and across the border into Scotland. The Holy Island is accessed across a tidal road and a knowledge of tide times is crucial. link provided in review. The Tees Transporter Bridge is closed on Sundays and only operates between 07:15 - 18:20 Mon -Fri and 09:30 - 15:05 on Sat. The fee is £1.50 for cars or motorcycles.

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Nick Carthew / AH
Rijden 396.7km (20📍) 5:51 🇬🇧 KML, GPX

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